Bought new desktop for son in engineering school, needed something else a his mac would not run some of the engineering software. So here we are got it 3/27/2012.

Put it together and started doing all the updates that come from Microsoft for their windows OS. All of that worked fine it was when I tried to burn the recovery disks per there directions that I found there was an error in that process. The recovery disks that you burn from the hard drive so you can rebuild the machine when it crumps. Well the software says I need 3 DVD's to get all of the software to do the recovery, put the first disk in and it starts burning the disk, then it gets to the end of the 1st of 3 disks, error pops up and it basically wants to start over on disk 1 again, benefit of the doubt did it 3 times same thing.

Go to Gateway and find that this is one of the top errors and lots of folks have had this error. Dial in for chat with customer support and this was lame. The fix for this problem was to reimage or recover the pc. On an on about that.

They do not have a clue whats wrong or how to fix it. it will burn 1 disk by itself but when you have to span disks over more than one you will be hard pressed to make that work. Reiimaging does not work either. Taking thing back for refund tomroow.

Stay away from this brand. Not worth the agravation.

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