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I brought gateway computer, which broke out in less than a year. When I tried to claim the one year warranty, Wal-Mart, where the computer was sold to me, and I were unable to contact Gateway. in addition, Wal-Mart made itself not responsable for the warranty, since...
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Gateway computers were acquired and are now owned by Acer brand.. that is who will back your warranty

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I bought a Netbook computer from Verizon Wireless in Dec of 2009. After loading my documents and software, I started encountering errors in the hardware and screen freezes. I called Verizon Repair and they asked me to contact Gateway, since they do not cover the...
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well after 5 letters and no reply i guess i just got riped off $150.00. i feel as if office depot should also take ownership because they sold it to me but they could care less. i hate those rebates and have been ripped off before on a smaler scale but never again. you...
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