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I purchased a gateway computer on 4/19/2010.Just recently the hard drive went down and would not boot.

I took it back to best buy to see what they could do. They sent it off to be repaired and told me I would have to call gateway and get a recovery disk, as they could not do that, to get the computer back to the way I bought it. Ok, fine, no problem, but when I called they told me the software warranty was only for 90 days and I would have to purchase the disk from them even though the hardware is warranted for 1 year, and that is what caused the problem to begin with. It was the rudest customer service department that I have ever dealt with, tech support just told me to go to the website and hung up on me.

I looked up the terms of the warranty and under the hardware section it states, and I quote exactly, "The scope of technical support consists of helping You diagnose and resolve problems with defects in Products covered by this Agreement, and, for PC Products, REINSTALLING THE FACTORY-INSTALLED OPERATING SYSTEM AND (SOFTWARE) to restore it to the original factory configuration". I kept mailing them back stating this and they kept responding with there is nothing they can do. It was a hardware problem that occured and they don't care, just sayin that it's past 90 days and I'm brushed off by them everytime. I highly recommend whoever reads this that they look elsewhere for a computer.

DO NOT USE GATEWAY!!! Worst customer service ever!

Will not stand by a warranty that it states in their terms of the warranty that they warrant.Absolute joke for a customer service department

Monetary Loss: $599.


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Yeah they suck.I bought one when they were here in town with a big, well staffed store in Augusta, Georgia.

We had trouble when it was still in warranty. They never made good on it and my uncle (same last name)informed me they tried to give him my computer.

Get this, we were both attempting (key word attempting)to have them repaired at the same time.Need I say more.

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